Home Growers Inc. is a resource for individuals who want to legally grow cannabis at home in states where growing cannabis is legal. We promote the legal cultivation of marijuana from seed to consumption from the comfort of your own home. Home Growers Inc. is the only company dedicated to the home growing experience, we specialize in products and information that make home growing as easy as possible. Each State is different and we encourage all of our customers to stay up to date on all the laws in their respective states and we have a dedicated page on our website just for this purpose. With over 20 years of home growing experience we hope to pass along our wealth of knowledge to our customers and let them decided which home growing method suits them best. Along with the many positive effects of consuming cannabis, cultivating your own cannabis and gardening from home relieves stress and has been proven to reduce anxiety and reduce symptom of depression. Home Growers Inc. is here for you, contact us at any time at